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Steward’s Donor-Advised Fund

Christian Church Foundation offers a donor-advised fund called the Steward’s Donor-Advised Fund. This fund allows donors to contribute $10,000 or more to a special fund managed by the Christian Church Foundation, providing a charitable deduction in the year of the gift while also allowing the Fund advisors (generally the donor(s)) the flexibility to advise our team on where to direct distributions from the total value of the fund during their lifetime.

This method of giving is particularly helpful to those who:
  • Want to make a gift now but will decide later which parts of the church or other charities should be the beneficiary of the principal or income;
  • Expect a higher-than-usual taxable income for any particular year;
  • Would like to make a gift before retirement so that tax benefit can be gained during peak-earning years, but distribution will be made during retirement years.

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