For Congregations

Mentoring Model

Can you imagine a time when your congregation would no longer be surprised to receive an end-of-life gift, and instead be surprised when a gift is not given? 

“Seeing a published list of Geist Legacy Partners that is always growing energizes others and makes them want to consider how they can be a part of the list of names. While we say that changing a beneficiary on an insurance policy or an IRA is easy – and, it is – we also know that we are planting seeds now that will come to fruition later.”

Rev. Ryan Hazen, Lead Pastor, Mud Creek Campus, Geist Christian Church

“The Mentoring Model that the Christian Church Foundation introduced to Tapestry Church (beginning when it was Southport Christian Church) has been crucial to introducing people to the importance of afterlife gifts to the congregation. The Legacy Fund has enabled us to continue meaningful ministry through major transitions, thanks to those first faithful Legacy Builders, who witnessed to others.”

Susan McNeeley, Tapestry Christian Church

“We discovered that the Mentoring Model is like the proverbial snowball going downhill – it starts small but grows quickly after it gets going. Geist Christian Church started with just a few Geist Legacy Partners but this list has grown to more than 100 in just a five-year period.”

Rev. Ryan Hazen, Lead Pastor, Mud Creek Campus, Geist Christian Church

“I don’t think it is a coincidence that, around the time we rolled out the Mentoring Model, our giving has increased. One reason for that, I think, is that when people know that part of their estate is going to the church in the future, they more of an investment in the church right now.”

Rev. Chris Furr, Senior Minister, Covenant Christian Church

Mentoring the Spirit of Generosity in your Community

To create a sustainable planned giving ministry, church leadership—especially the pastor and some trusted, energetic lay members—must be willing to make a long-term commitment that will involve promotion, mentoring, follow-up and transparency.

Supportive Pastor

A pastor who is visibly supportive of the planned giving ministry is vital. This includes putting your own estate plans in place and serving as a mentor to others.

Educational Seminars

Host educational seminars to help members of the church understand the need to create an estate plan, and talk about how planned gifts can be made.

Established Permanent Fund Policy

Implement a permanent fund policy that outlines how gift funds will be managed and how the income will be distributed for ministry. The Foundation offers free consulting services and examples of successful policies.

Promotion and Follow-Up

Promote legacy giving opportunities on an ongoing basis. This can include helpful tips in your newsletter, regular inheritance planning seminars, or reporting on the impact of previous gifts.

Church Leadership

Create a team of trusted church members who can provide leadership, including putting their own plans in place and mentoring others.

Legacy Circle

Start a Legacy Society that includes members who have put plans in place for a legacy gift to the congregation. This provides a mentoring opportunity and encourages others to consider a similar legacy gift.

Support From Christian Church Foundation

Christian Church Foundation staff members are trained to consult with churches to help create the processes that will make congregations good and worthy stewards of end-of-life gifts. Please contact us to find your zone representative or to speak with a staff member.

If your congregation has Mentoring Model resources you would like to share with Christian Church Foundation and other congregations, please share them with our Director of Communications.

The Mentoring Model, along with Christian Church Foundation, can help you build a giving ministry to support your congregation for generations to come.