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Protecting Congregational Assets

“What can our church do to safeguard our investments from future mistakes that people may make?”

“How can we assure our donors that their gifts to our congregation will not be misused in the future?”

“I heard of another church that was led away from the Disciples of Christ and is now non-denominational. How can we make sure that gifts from faithful Disciples donors will continue to support Disciples’ causes?”

Congregations in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) can become vulnerable to the loss of their assets. Though infrequent, there are situations where a congregation has lost its building or investment because of either poor financial leadership or a takeover by members (or a pastor) from another denomination. Our congregational governance makes Disciples churches particularly vulnerable to this kind of loss. What can be done to protect your congregation?

Christian Church Foundation has strategies to assist your congregation with protecting its assets. Contact your Zone representative for a conversation so we can learn more about your situation and work with you on a plan to help.

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Please note, Christian Church Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice to individuals or congregations. You are encouraged to discuss any educational information presented by the Foundation as well as your congregation’s unique issues with your legal counsel.