For Investors

New Investor Guide

Steps to Opening Your First Investment Account

Complete and Sign

To open a new account, complete the following forms and have the officers of your ministry print and sign them. Once completed, scanned forms may be sent to [email protected].

  1. Participation Agreement – The agreement listing terms and conditions of the Joint Investment Trust.
  2. Deposit Statement – Use this form to establish a new Joint Investment Trust account.
  3. Signature Card – Update authorized signers and number of signatures required under your ministry’s policies and procedures.
  4. Direct-Deposit form – Streamline fund transfers to your checking or savings account with automatic fund transfers. Submit this form along with a voided check.
  5. Online Access form – Use this form to set up a login here for month-to-month reports on your account activity.

Read and File

These two documents govern your investment in the Joint Investment Trust. You do not need to sign these or return them to us. They are for you to read and save for your files.

  1. JIT Agreement – This is the legal agreement that governs the Joint Investment Trust.
  2. Information Statement – Similar to a prospectus; this contains broad information about the Joint Investment Trust.

Move Money

Following the instructions in Section 2 of the Deposit Statement, you can either send us a check or transfer funds electronically.

What to Expect

After we receive your forms and the funds, we will confirm receipt to the email address provided. Then, you will begin receiving quarterly statements from us beginning on the first day of the new quarter. For month-to-month reports on your account activity, you can login via online access. You will also receive a Quarterly Executive Summary from us highlighting fund activity and key market information.

Rest Easy

Know that your investment is being prudently managed and faithfully stewarded. If you ever have questions about your investments, this process or wish to schedule a visit from your CCF Zone Representative, you can call us at (800) 668-8016 or reach out by email.


Please note, these steps are for first-time investors opening their first account with Christian Church Foundation.