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When a congregation closes its physical ministry, it can still bless other ministries and provide its own lasting, faithful legacy.

First Christian Church of South Bend, Indiana, began in 1850. A once thriving ministry, they dwindled in size and, after prayerful consideration, decided to sell their 35,000-square-foot facility. They received over $600,000 from the sale of their property.

First Christian Church gave initial gifts to various Disciples charities. Then, they contacted Christian Church Foundation to set up a permanent legacy fund with $257,000. The earnings from their permanent legacy fund support charitable causes selected by the congregation. Their decision to create a permanent legacy fund will bless others and allows the mission of the congregation to live on in perpetuity.

If your congregation is closing or considering closing your physical ministry, please contact us at any time during your journey. We have resources to help as you prayerfully consider what the next step of your congregation’s ministry may look like. It is our privilege to walk with you and help you find the best way for the mission and ministry of your congregation to continue even if the physical location of your congregations closes.

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You Are Not Alone

Our team helps your congregation develop a plan to use your remaining assets as a way to bless others through your legacy. Read more sacred stories of legacy congregations by clicking on the links above or downloading a PDF below.

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