For Individuals

Donating Noncash Assets

If you hold marketable securities that have increased in value, and you have held them for more than a year, you are likely to receive additional tax benefits when you use those appreciated long-term assets for your charitable giving.

Giving long-term, appreciated assets allows itemizers to take a deduction at the full market value of the security, not just the amount paid for the security. The capital gains tax you would have paid if you had sold the asset and donated the proceeds is avoided when appreciated securities are donated directly to your favorite charity. This opportunity is available to both itemizers and non-itemizers. Gifts of appreciated securities may eliminate tax on up to 30% of your AGI, with any excess deductions carried forward for up to five future tax years. If a security has decreased in value, the best tax strategy is to sell the security, take a deduction for the capital loss, and donate the proceeds to charity.


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Please note, Christian Church Foundation does not provide legal or tax advice to individuals or congregations.  As with any type of financial transaction, please consult with your personal, legal, or investment expert for professional advice.