For Investors

General Information

The Joint Investment Trust (JIT) was developed to pool the investing strength of Disciples ministries for cost efficiencies and professional fund management.

The JIT (at 3/31/23) held investments of $1.1 billion on behalf of more than 800 Disciples ministries and over 1,400 of the Foundation’s own endowment funds. The JIT does not invest funds on behalf of individuals. Below please find more information about the JIT.

Investment Philosophy & Process

Dual Investment Goals

  1. Provide maximum dollars for ministry
  2. Mitigate the impact of inflation on the buying power of the investments

Keys to our Investment Success

  1. Thoughtful asset allocations offered to meet different risk tolerances.
  2. High quality manager selection that seeks:
  • High quality and stable investment teams, who are highly motivated and receive appropriate incentives
  • A consistent and clearly understood investment philosophy that is based on a reasonable rationale, and that is in alignment with asset class investment philosophy
  • A disciplined, uniformly applied investment process, and the ability to demonstrate the attributes of the manager’s success
  • A high level of transparency, as well as periodic access to key investment professionals
  • Portfolio liquidity aligned with the redemption terms offered to fund investors
  • A quality performance record on an absolute, benchmark relative, and peer relative basis
  • Rigorous monitoring of performance and regular rebalancing to the target asset allocations

Joint Investment Trust Funds

  1. Common Balanced Fund – Moderate asset allocation with an emphasis on capital appreciation and income.
  2. Beasley Growth Fund – Moderately aggressive asset allocation with an emphasis on capital appreciation.
  3. Campbell Multi-Strategy Fund – Moderately aggressive asset allocation with hedging strategies.
  4. Bostick Select Fund – Moderately aggressive asset allocation with select social screens.
  5. Brown Income Fund – Conservative asset allocation with an emphasis on income.

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