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If you are interested in a tax deduction and receiving payments for life while also leaving a gift to charity, a Charitable Gift Annuity may be the right choice for you. A Charitable Gift Annuity can be started with Christian Church Foundation with a gift of $5,000. If you have questions after watching the video below, then contact your Zone Representative today!


The Joy of Giving

Jay and Mona Stevenson of New Franklin, Missouri, have discovered the joy of giving through charitable gift annuities. During these unstable times of the stock market, a charitable gift annuity provides predictable and stable payment streams to donors, while ultimately benefitting favorite church and charitable causes. While the Stevensons motivation has been to move money to ministry, they also sought out favorable tax treatments, stable payments, and competitive gift annuity rates.

After speaking with their financial adviser, she agreed that charitable gift annuities are a good option for Mona and Jay. The Stevensons started replacing municipal bond interest with gift annuity payments which increase their monthly cash flow. Each year Jay and Mona choose to continue funding charitable gift annuities to take advantage of gift annuity rates, which generally increase with age. They plan to continue funding more gift annuities into their 70s and perhaps longer, knowing that eventually the remainder of the annuities will help ministries that are important to them.

“We have chosen several ministries to receive the benefit of our annuities,” stated Jay. “Some of our annuities will go to three separate church funds: Our church, First Christian Church Fayette MO, has an endowment fund which enhances its operations and outreach.” Jay encouraged the church to start an offering endowment fund directly with the Christian Church Foundation. “Recently we mourned the passing of a dear friend, Cathy Barton,” Jay continued. “We helped First Christian Church, Boonville, MO start a music scholarship fund in her honor.” And, to honor the minister that performed their wedding ceremony, one of the annuities will benefit the Samuel A. Nickols International Fund held at the Christian Church Foundation.

In addition to these Disciple-related causes, Jay and Mona chose to benefit the Kay Jewell Scholarship Fund at the Oklahoma Community Foundation. “Tom and Kay Jewell have been dear friends of ours for many years,” says Mona. “We want to honor Kay with a contribution to her scholarship fund.”

Discover the Joy of Giving

Jay and Mona have discovered the joy of giving while gaining the satisfaction of stable payment streams. Perhaps you can, too! Contact your zone representative for a free charitable gift annuity proposal.

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