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Faith-Based Investing

We believe our investments should mirror God’s plan for the fair and just treatment of all people and the sustainability of our environment. As a participant in the Foundation’s long-term investment program, Disciples ministries have a voice in making this world a better place. Every investment made through the Christian Church Foundation reflects our faith; below are two significant ways we practice faith-based investing.

Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility

The Foundation is a member of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility (ICCR), an association of 275 faith-based institutional investors which work with corporations to be socially and environmentally responsible. ICCR began in 1971 when representatives from a number of Protestant denominations joined together to challenge the role of banks and companies in Apartheid South Africa.

The Foundation and ICCR influence change by being responsible shareholders, voting proxies and bringing a moral voice to American companies and their boardrooms – the places where vital values and policies are put into place. Each year ICCR-member religious institutional investors sponsor over 100 shareholder resolutions on major social and environmental issues.

Bostick Select Fund

In 2019, the Foundation launched the Bostick Select Fund as one way to further the impact of our mission and ministry. Rev. Sarah Lue Bostick (b.1868, d.1948) was one of the first African American women ordained in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Rev. Bostick served the church for over 40 years until her retirement. She was a devoted worker for the Christian Woman’s Board of Missions (CWBM) and the National Christian Missionary Society. She worked to establish CWBM auxiliaries and collected an impressive collection of missions literature. This collection, given to the Disciples of Christ Historical Society after Rev. Bostick’s death, opened an unparalleled window into women’s and African American studies in the Stone-Campbell movement.

The Bostick Select Fund continues to uphold the Foundation’s commitment to being an active, faith-based investor, while also excluding investments in fossil fuels, weapons manufacturers, and companies targeted for divestment because of their involvement in perpetuating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The Fund actively invests in environmentally sustainable companies as well as those responding to an increasing global population. The Bostick Select Fund, like Rev. Bostick and her ministry, represents a new approach to living out our faith.


*Picture courtesy of the Disciples of Christ Historical Society.