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Permanent Funds

Endowment Funds

Endowment funds (or permanent funds) for a congregation can be a blessing or a burden. At the Foundation, we work with church leaders to make endowment and permanent funds a blessing.

Endowments allow congregations to expand their ministry and witness, while empowering the individual Christian with an opportunity to demonstrate a personal stewardship statement. These donors want the church to wisely steward these gifts. In many cases, they want these gifts to serve ministries for years to come.

A good endowment process begins with a permanent fund policy. Our development team provides these resources to your leaders. We then guide you through the path of developing a policy that reflects the congregation and avoids pitfalls.

Once the policy is approved by your leadership and congregation, we assist in the promotion of the endowment.

Endowment Resources

Why Create an Endowment

This brochure discusses both the theological and practical implications of an endowment to enhance the congregation’s future witness.

A Guide to Developing Church Permanent Endowment Funds

This brochure takes congregational leaders through the steps necessary to create an endowment that will enhance the church’s ministry without detracting from the annual giving emphasis. It also includes ways to acknowledge estate gifts when they arrive.

Model Permanent Fund Policy

Help your congregation prepare for the blessing of a planned gift with our Model Permanent Fund Policy. This policy serves as a suggested starting point and should be used in consultation with your Zone Representative.

A Guide to the Role of Endowment Fund Trustee

As caretakers for legacy gifts, these individuals play a vital role in encouraging and mentoring legacy giving, as well as oversight of endowment assets and preserving donors’ intentions. Download this brochure to learn more about the role and responsibilities of an endowment fund trustee.

Permanent Fund Trustees Checklist

Trustees for a congregation’s Permanent Fund may use this suggested checklist to help guide their work and responsibilities.