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Ways to Give

God calls us to be Givers

God is the ultimate giver, and because we are made in God’s image, we reflect God’s generosity.

Making charitable contributions is an excellent way to extend God’s presence to others. There are many options available for you to make a planned gift. We help you determine the best path for your desires in as tax-efficient way as possible.

Ways to Give

This chart helps you determine the best way to accomplish your giving goals. Christian Church Foundation can help you with each of the gift types listed on this chart. Contact your Zone Representative to get started on your legacy giving today.

IRA Charitable Distribution

Charitably minded individuals have the opportunity to contribute to their favorite charitable causes by transferring money from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) directly to charity through a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). Although the new Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) age is 73, QCDs can begin at age 70 ½. A transfer of up to $105,000 in 2024 (indexed for inflation) can be made to one or more charities and/or ministries. Unlike a regular distribution from an IRA, a QCD is not taxable to the IRA owner. Thus, the effect of using a QCD is increased gifts for the owner’s favorite ministry and reduced income taxes, which may include Medicare taxes.

Life Income Gifts

Life income gifts are an ideal means of making a donation of assets – cash, securities, real estate or other assets – to Christian Church Foundation. Then, you or your loved ones receive a stream of payments during lifetime. As a result of the gift, you may receive tax benefits, such as an income tax deduction, and deferral of capital gains tax. The remainder of the gift then goes to your congregation or other ministry causes.

The two most common types of life income gifts are charitable gift annuities and charitable remainder trusts.

Permanent Funds

These gifts support your chosen ministry for years to come. With a permanent fund, you or your family establishes and names a permanent fund, and determines the charitable recipients. We create these funds with gifts starting at just $1,000. Distribution from the fund starts when the value of the fund reaches $10,000.

Click here for more details about establishing and managing a permanent fund through Christian Church Foundation.

The Steward’s Donor-Advised Fund

The Christian Church Foundation offers a donor-advised fund called the Steward’s Donor-Advised Fund. This fund allows donors to contribute $10,000 or more to a special fund managed by the Christian Church Foundation, providing a charitable deduction in the year of the gift while also allowing the Fund advisors (generally the donor(s)) the flexibility to advise our team on where to direct distributions from the total value of the fund during their lifetime.

Click here to download an application to open a Donor-Advised Fund account.

Click here to download a form to request a distribution from your Donor-Advised Fund account.

We’re Ready to Help

Our team is always ready to help you consider your charitable financial options and determine which gift would best meet your needs and help accomplish your charitable goals. Contact us at anytime so that we may be of assistance in helping you plan your faithful legacy.

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