February 24, 2023

Response to Current Events in Ukraine

What we feared may happen came true overnight with Russia invading Ukraine from all sides—Crimea, Belarus and Russia. It is unclear whether this is the shock and awe phase of a limited incursion or the beginning of a full-scale invasion. What is very clear is the humanitarian tragedy with terrible consequences for millions of people.

Lord, in your mercy!

Financial markets are reacting to the events in Ukraine. Global markets were already complicated and the situation in Ukraine only complicates them further. While the situation in Ukraine is unique and developing, financial markets have a history of recovering quickly from geopolitical events.

Through this challenging time we will remain disciplined and nimble toward opportunities. By protecting and growing the church’s dollars, our mission is always to help you do your mission. Our world is hurting right now and it desperately needs your witness!

Lord, in your mercy!

Gary W. Kidwell